*** SCIENCE OF BEING SEEN LIVE ONLINE *** The in-depth detail


Imagine driving down this road. What if a vehicle appears from left, and turns right across your path? How soon will you see it? And when will the driver see you…

…if he or she sees you at all?

Junction collisions – the so-called SMIDSY ‘Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You’ crash are the most common accidents involving motorcycles AND cars. Yes, drivers get it wrong in front of other cars too!

And even more alarmingly, many riders and drivers fail to spot the developing collision until too late.

Why? Isn’t it easy to scan a junction? Unfortunately, the process doesn’t work in the ways most of us think. And so we ALL make errors which lead to the so-called ‘Looked But Failed To See’ (LBFTS) error.

Here’s the bad news. We’ve been investigating this driving error for over half a century, and whilst the research papers have a very…

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