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Ways to get involved

CONTRIBUTORS – Help us with research and information dissemination. If you have any supporting ideas that you consider beneficial to No Surprise No Accident, then please  feel free to contact us and provide us with feedback. We are looking to grow a mass of like minded individuals who would like to effect changes in not only how we perceive motorcycle safety to be but also what information is relevant and applicable to move us in a new direction and fundamentally change the methods we employ to train and test riders…and other road users, and how we investigate accidents & incidents and what root causes can be determined and disseminated amongst the riding world.

SUPPORTERS – Join our mailing list to see what we’re up to. Follow us on our Facebook page and share our posts. Promote No Surprise No Accident amongst your friends & contacts, within your groups & clubs and throughout authorities, safety agencies & training centres.

SPONSORS – Any support will be gratefully received and as we develop we will require assistance in the production and promotion of our material and information.

We would ask any visitors to please promote the NO SURPRISE NO ACCIDENT website…share our ideas, graphics and information amongst all of your contacts, within your groups and please help us to promote this within all social media vehicles. SHARE as much as you can.



Thank You.